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Co-working at Interboro Partners / MEx

I have started a new job at Interboro Partners urban design and research firm in Brooklyn, NY. I finished the book project at C-Lab two days ago, and luckily Interboro was flexible and let me start working for them earlier than planned. I am specializing in urban research, as my main projects will be a book on Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, “NORCs”, and projects on Newark, New Jersey. The latter include finishing redevelopment plan for the Newark area and starting a book/magazine for the residents about building regulations and best practices in the form of a comic book. I am excited about this job – the partners are extremely intelligent and friendly, and the working space (called the Metropolitan Exchange) is in an old factory building in 33 Flatbush, Downtown Brooklyn. In the space we have many design professionals working on their independent projects. So there should be interesting discussions and influences ahead!