Archive for February, 2010

Design for Cambodia

I decided to be part of the Cambodia studio at Aalto university and thus travel to Cambodia to find a design task with a local NGO. Hollmén Reuter Sandman architects have organized the studio, where we will design public buildings for NGOs’ needs in Cambodia. The field trip takes place in March 2010, and after the trip we will design in Finland with the guidance of our visiting professor Anna Heringer.

Kulttuurirahasto stipendium 2010

I have received a Kulttuurirahasto grant for personal work and the founding of a workspace in Helsinki. I have planned the workspace for long, as you can see when visiting at the address . There were several changes to my plans, as people wanting to join had different ideas, and it took some time to find a suitable space.

I was very happy to receive the grant in February 2010, as it allowed me to finalize the plans and rent a space in the old customs building, Tulli- ja Pakkahuone, in Helsinki. The grant will be spent on curating the space with its exhibitions and events, as well as my architectural work.