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Working on an eco lodge in Tibet

Me and Anssi are now working on an eco lodge design in Gyalthang, Tibet. I will post more, when the project gets closer to realization!

Sra Pou vocational school published in several blogs and magazines

We have been very happy to see how widely architecture and ecology blogs have been interested in Sra Pou vocational school. By googling “Sra Pou” you will finds hundreds of hits of our project and articles about it. Here are a couple of the ones we like the best:

World Architecture News




Sra Pou vocational school finished

We have finished our first built project with Architects Rudanko Kankkunen. See the final photos and press material at our blog or our company website I am happy!

Sra Pou blog

This March and April I will be in Sra Pou, Cambodia overseeing the construction of our Sra Pou vocational school project. It is wonderful news that all donations have been collected and the school is now being built! All Finnish readers can follow the progress of construction at – others will find images there, and can request me for more info in English anytime. I am very excited to get this project realized after the great effort me and my design partner Anssi have put into it. We hope to help the people in Sra Pou and to give an encouraging example to all others: architects can be proactive, get things going, act for the ones who don’t have the power to do so themselves.

HUM:ARC wins a prize in D² pitching competition

HUM:ARC pitched itself  2500e to develop further our communications system in the D²-pitching competition. Hilla Rudanko and Inari Virkkala pitched to the jury in the competition held in Helsinki on the 2nd of February, 2011.

In order to make HUM:ARC more known and more prepared to reply to the challenges lying ahead, HUM:ARC will work on the webpage and the the blogs of Sra Pou and Komitu to make the best out of our pilot construction projects. We will document the processes carefully and collect the data in an easily approachable format. Stay tuned!

Sra Pou school project video

Sra Pou school project video is online in WeFund:
Through this video we collecting the last donations to complete the construction budget. The construction will start in one month and continue through March 2011.

HUM:ARC – Finnish collective for humanitarian architecture

Me and Anssi Kankkunen became part of HUM:ARC, a Finnish collective for humanitarian architecture, in autumn 2010. The collective was founded already in 2008, and worked in its first years mostly through informing architects about humanitarian issues. In 2010, our  Sra Pou vocational school project in Cambodia got started along with two more Finnish humanitarian architecture projects. So, all of us young Finnish architects working in humanitarian design decided to get together under the umberella of HUM:ARC. HUM:ARC closely collaborates with Ukumbi ry., which is an older NGO working in the field of humanitarian architecture. HUM:ARC has its own blog under – visit it for more detail!

Sra Pou school published in LUMHOR

Mine and Anssi Kankkunen’s project Sra Pou vocational school in Cambodia has been published in LUMHOR magazine.  See the atricle by clicking the link!

Facebook group for Sra Pou school

We have started a Facebook group for people who want to help us in the Sra Pou vocational school project. You can read more about the project in previous posts. Now it’s time to join efforts and get the school built! We welcome all volunteers who wish to join us in Cambodia Feb – April 2011 or help in detailing the design before that. Join the Facebook group here:

Cambodia project gets support

We have gotten two stipendiums to support the Sra Pou vocational school project! It is wonderful to get the construction preparation work started for real now that we have the basic costs covered. The first stipendium is from Finnish Architects Union’s Viljo Revell Fund to cover travel costs to Cambodia for our next trip there. The second one is from Alfred Kordelin’s fund for the design and site supervision work n Cambodia. We are planning to travel to the building site of the Sra Pou vocational school in February or May 2011 to start the building process. We are still looking for funding for the building materials, so if you know any good sources, please contact! See the project description in an earlier post: .

Here are some of the latest images from the project:

Arhitects Rudanko + Kankkunen established

We have founded a new company with my design partner Anssi Kankkunen: Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen, abbreviated AR+K. The company will serve for our common projects, of which the first professional one is the vocational school in Sra Pou, Cambodia. We got the official stamps for our founding papers just this week and are now proceeding with the website and of course, the projects!

Vocational School in Cambodia

We have just returned from the field trip to Cambodia. Me and Anssi Kankkunen are designing a vocational school for a relocated community in Udong, 50 km outside of the capital Phnom Penh.

The community has been evicted from an informal settlement in Phnom Penh and relocated on an empty site in Udong. They lack basic infrastructure, shelter and jobs. We are designing a vocational school to provide professional training to the people in order to give them work in the new rural setting. We are also developing two house prototypes for the families.

The first design of the vocational school was done on a narrow site provided by the community. However, this site turned out to be too narrow for a building permission and the community leader arranged us another one. Now we are designing on the new site and really hoping to be able to build the school after some fundraising.

Here are images of the first design:

Udong exterior.

Udong interior 1

Design for Cambodia

I decided to be part of the Cambodia studio at Aalto university and thus travel to Cambodia to find a design task with a local NGO. Hollmén Reuter Sandman architects have organized the studio, where we will design public buildings for NGOs’ needs in Cambodia. The field trip takes place in March 2010, and after the trip we will design in Finland with the guidance of our visiting professor Anna Heringer.

Spring semester 2009 at Studio Kollhoff

After getting fundamental training in architectural research in autumn 2008 at Studio Herzog & de Meuron, I decided to apply for a very different studio for the spring. I was accepted at Studio Kollhoff, led by prof. Hans Kollhoff, which is known for very precise post-modern design and huge loads of work. I am looking forward to the design task; a church of St. Peter in Berlin.

Autumn semester 2008 at Studio Basel / prof. Herzog & de Meuron

I will start my studies at ETH Zürich with a research studio at Studio Basel with professors Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. The studio is based on a field trip to Kolkata, India. Me and Annabel Cremer from Germany have decided to research water in the city; the effects of water flows and waterbodies on the city structure. The book “Bodies of water” will be out in December 2008.