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Timed urbanism – my MSc thesis

I have handed in my MSc in Architecture thesis work called “Timed Urbanism. Designing the transformation of an urban brownfield in Satamaportti, Kotka.” The thesis in published online in Finnish here at Issuu.

Studio Basel has updated their website with my work

I just recently found mine and Annabel Cremer’s research book on Kolkata “Bodies of Water” published online at my former employer Studio Basel’s website. Go and have a look!

Giving Book Launch at New Museum by C-Lab

The book I was working on at Columbia University C-Lab with Jeffrey Inaba has been released yesterday at a lauch at the New Museum in New York. The book is available in bookstores in Europe and the US and on Amazon.

Quote from Jeffrey:

“In place of the pursuit of personal wealth, World of Giving presents a mindset revolving around generosity. It paints a picture in which giving animates all levels of human interaction, acknowledging that each and every one of us gives. From helping out an acquaintance to donating to a valued cause, we all provide in acts big and small that benefit the immediate recipient and often others as well. In this important exploration of the sentiments of our time, the authors describe the basic motivations for why we give in reference to examples such as local volunteering, philanthropy and the flow of aid through foundations, governments, multinationals and NGOs. The book details the process of working toward a greater good and shows that a gift transforms at numerous junctures as it circulates from giver to receiver. Articulating these intricate relationships, World of Giving offers an understanding of the actions that build bridges between goodwill and need, intention and realization.”

World of Giving is by Jeffrey Inaba and C-Lab in collaboration with Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, New Museum and Lars Mueller Publishers.

World of Giving book

World of Giving book2

World of Giving3

Interboro’s new blog and book

The Arsenal of Inclusion/Exclusion is a blog that extends the themes of the Rotterdam Open City Biennale. It tells stories about tools that can be used to close or open the city to its inhabitants. These tools will soon be compiled into a book, Encyclopedia of Inclusion/Exclusion, of which I already made a mock-up for the IABR opening three weeks ago.

Co-working at Interboro Partners / MEx

I have started a new job at Interboro Partners urban design and research firm in Brooklyn, NY. I finished the book project at C-Lab two days ago, and luckily Interboro was flexible and let me start working for them earlier than planned. I am specializing in urban research, as my main projects will be a book on Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, “NORCs”, and projects on Newark, New Jersey. The latter include finishing redevelopment plan for the Newark area and starting a book/magazine for the residents about building regulations and best practices in the form of a comic book. I am excited about this job – the partners are extremely intelligent and friendly, and the working space (called the Metropolitan Exchange) is in an old factory building in 33 Flatbush, Downtown Brooklyn. In the space we have many design professionals working on their independent projects. So there should be interesting discussions and influences ahead!

Co-working at C-Lab, Columbia University

I am working as a researcher at C-Lab, Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting, for three months this summer. We are doing research for a book on mechanisms of giving in world economy, initially titled “Gift Economy”. The book will be finished by the beginning of September which is when I will leave the lab for another job in Brooklyn at Interboro Partners. It should be out in October 2010, published my Lars Müller and The New Museum.